About Dr. Melvin

One-on-One Coaching with Dr. Melvin 

Dr. Melvin Allen holds his doctorate in depth psychology and is a unique, spiritually conscious master teacher, who possesses strong intuition, extraordinary wisdom with a wide reaching knowledge base. He brings his gift of ruthless compassion to his commitment to the success of his clients. Add that winning smile and breakthroughs are practically a given.

One of his most famous quotes is “People need coaching, because no one can see their eyebrows!” Dr. Allen specializes in coaching clients in their unconscious blind spots in relationships and personal growth and development.

Dr. Melvin is also a certified master practitioner of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) instrument used in most Fortune 100 companies and in over 120 countries. Listed on the Myers Briggs website, he is one of approximately 260 MBTI master certified practitioners in North America, among 20 in the state of California, and of those practitioners in California he is one of 5 who holds a PhD. Additionally, Dr. Melvin and his wife and partner Dr. Sherrie are the only practitioners who specialize in using MBTI for personal and intimate relationships.

Dr. Allen is also a trained facilitator of Prepare-Enrich, the world’s leading relationship assessment program for singles, couples and families.

With over 20 years of coaching experience, a former single parent, two masters degrees, a PhD, guest appearances on NBC television and other television and radio shows, a Vietnam veteran, three divorces, hospice volunteer, over 5,000 conversations with women all over the world, three certifications in personal coaching, over 30 years of ontological studies, and married to Dr. Sherrie Allen, Dr. Melvin represents wisdom on fire!