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“Dating is a testing ground for relationship compatibility.” ~ Dr. M Allen

Dating relationships are a collection of powerful proving grounds for determining a couple’s compatibility. Dating provides opportunities to demonstrate one’s values, beliefs, competence, expectations, insecurities, and flaws. When these areas are explored it is an opportunity for personal growth and development that can support the transition to a committed relationship.

Cultural rules and norms are generally insufficient for producing effective or long-term solutions in a successful relationship. We have observed that it is a combination of learning and personal development that represents the strongest chances of developing authentic, lasting, and deeply connected relationships.

As part of our process we explore an individual’s:
1) Dating priorities
2) Deal breakers
3) Compatible personality types
4) Past wounds and pathways to healing
5) Inherited familial behavior patterns
6) Relationship expectations

Testimonial of Eric's clarity on marriage.

Questions: Are you dating with the intention of marriage?
Are you recreationally dating or just playing the field with no commitments?
Are you exclusively dating to get married or find partnership?
Are you dating a special person with the mutual intention of marriage or committing to a partnership?
Are you not dating currently and want to learn how and where to look?
Are you confused about Internet dating?
Are you dating without a relationship plan?

If you need clarity and direction, perhaps its time to get some education and learn what you don’t know and what you need to know to have a consciously loving relationship. Love is not enough to create and maintain a successful relationship.

We use Myers Briggs to assist our clients in discovering their unconscious dating blind spots. What you don’t know you don’t know about yourself and relationships is the focus for the Relationship Training Program (RTP). The program is offered frequently in Los Angeles, and currently consists of small groups of committed men and women who are committed to exploring and discovering their personal and relationship blind spots with the use of the Myers Briggs Typology Indicator (MBTI).

Learn More about Myers Briggs | Take a Myers Briggs Short Test

If you don’t start out right, it makes it difficult to end up with a successful relationship. Dating provide one the ability to consciously select a compatible partner. Opposites attract each other and then complain about their selection! Learn how to date! Trial and error is always a way; its just not recommended.

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