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Testimonials and Photos of Our Clients

Sherrie and Melvin are a wonderful couple; they specialize in encouraging personal growth and making spiritual connections between people. ~Iyanla Vanzant, Spiritual Coach, Author
Melvin and Sherrie are two amazing human beings and one amazing couple. They definitely walk the walk and are an inspiration to their colleagues and clients alike. They respond to others at the soul level and enrich those whose lives they touch.  As their relationship coach trainer, I consider it a privilege to work with them and to learn from them as well. ~Linda A. Marshall, M.Div., Director of Couple's Programs for the Relationship Coaching Institute
Melvin and Sherrie know their stuff! They have the blueprint for showing singles how to find the love of their life in a complicated world. Melvin and Sherrie teach relationship skills so practical that you can go to one of their seminars and leave knowing exactly what to do next. If you are single and tired of trying all the things that do not work, go see the Allen’s. Their stuff flat out works! ~Jeff Herring, MA Singles & Relationship Coach, Host of Relationship Radio Atlanta, GA
If only I'd done this relationship seminar years ago!  I hope my words here will assist people by saving them time spent banging around in relationships that sort of work, or not even trying because it's just easier.  I got clarity, came face to face with a debilitating relationship pattern, and finally started dating again after a two-year hiatus.  I can see exactly why I've not been in my divine right relationship, and why all the ones in the past ultimately didn't last. ~Barry Clark, MA, USM Student Advisor, Ecumenical Minister, Inspirational Life Coach
I was not ready to be in a relationship.... I had been working on myself to be 100% but I knew I wasn't there, yet. Spending a weekend with Melvin and Sherrie changed my life. During that weekend, I was able to identify where the pain was coming from, let go of the past, take all my walls down and be 100% available for a relationship. ~Yuki Kubota, Executive Assistant to CEO
I'm so grateful for the safe space you provided for me to be able to share all that was there, go through all of the emotional spaces and come out the other side, and to do so lovingly and without judgment. I'm grateful for the tools you taught us around dating. ~Nina O’Neil, CEO Health and Well Co, West Hollywood, CA
Since the workshop, I am living life with more colors and more joy.  I have been purposefully stretching myself to play (to do different, new, and bold things), so when an opportunity comes up I choose in.  I went to an 80s prom party in full attire, took a watercolor painting class at work, took a trapeze class, concerts, dancing, singing, joking, flirting, I have been in my joy more and more. I am so grateful for your coaching and holding the light. ~Lisa Grech, MA, USM Student, Business Consultant & Coach
I am deeply grateful for the work you guys did with us over the weekend. Your heart, soul, practicality and wisdom are deeply invested in this work and you are making a difference by doing it. I feel like I personally got a lot of unconscious patterns revealed this weekend and I got lots of clarity and a down to earth simple plan for consciously moving forward with my relationship goals. ~Dror Amir, MA, USM Student, Business Consultant
Words alone can’t describe how I’m feeling about having gone through your class.  I wish I would have had this before I started dating after my divorce.  The experience was life altering and I am excited to use the tools as I get back out into the dating scene.  I will no longer sell myself short and I know the man for me is out there in the universe and will come at the right time. ~Vickie Thome, Business Executive, Anaheim, CA
I know we closed yesterday, but thank you just does not seem enough for helping me experience the awareness that you helped me experience over the weekend. It is amazing, I actually feel much lighter, like I weigh about 50 lbs. less than I did before the sessions! ~Rosa Greene, Judicial Clerk
What I appreciated most about your seminar is the interaction and the personal interpretation that I didn't receive anywhere else. Also you didn't allow me to get away with anything. ~Sharon Parker, MA, Social Worker, Chicago, IL
Sherrie and Melvin are expert coaches with laser-beam intuition. They called me on my own blind spots and got me to untangle my own web of intricately woven contradictions about who I am as a person in this world. I enrolled in their Intensives to get some sort of clue about what I was doing wrong in dating. I walked out of their Intensives with a list of requirements for my ideal relationship that were, in reality, the very requirements that I'd lost sight of in my self. Sherrie and Melvin's Intensives weren't easy for me. But I received a road map for how to go about dating... and how to make sure I listen to and honor the most important person in the relationship: my self. ~Noushin Bayat, MA, USM Student, Yoga Instructor
In this seminar, I experienced liberation in the area of dating, which is a true breakthrough for me. I really got experientially how I (along with Spirit of course) am the author of my own rules of dating. I saw at a deeper level than I ever have my own blocks to dating in a way that leaves me open for receiving my heart's desire in spiritual partnership. And I opened up to God's wisdom and guidance in a whole new way. ~Debbie Roth, MA, Spiritual Leader, Santa Monica, CA
I must tell you that everyday and throughout my day I remind myself that I am the light. It is amazing how that manifested so securely in my daily way of being. I am so much more open and receptive to people around me. I interact with them and do not feel as though I have the need to shy away. I can stand in my own truth own it and yet be available to interact with others. ~Rebecca Peiffer, UAL Flight Attendant, Denver, CO
Sherrie and Melvin created an atmosphere of such trust, focus, and enthusiasm - the weekend became an opportunity to intimately engage in one's deepest hopes and, yes, fears. They held our hands and hearts tenderly while also challenging usĀ  to go deeper into who we believe we are and what we actually want (in a relationship). ~M. Fine, Los Angeles, CA
I am grateful God put Sherrie and Melvin on my path. I have now one couple as a model, in my search for a new healthy relationship. I appreciate your kindness, your caring and your willingness to support me in creating new friendships. ~Gardenia Kock, MA, USM Student
Melvin and Sherrie Allen's Relationship Readiness course was truly a gift.  For me, it not only provided the tools to help understand how to identify the perfect relationship "for me", it taught me a lot about myself that I (believe it or not) did not know.   At the end of day, "I have me" and....that's a pretty great thing to have! :-) ~Stacey Schmidt, Account Executive, Culver City, CA
Mere words cannot express the blessing I feel by having taken part in your seminar.  My best advise to anyone considering taking this course would be - DONT WAIT - your only delaying finding the happy person inside you. ~Claudia Perez, Executive Assistant, Orange County, CA
I found Melvin and Sherrie's relationship seminar insightful, practical, intimate, and impactful.  I experienced unexpected awarenesses and was able to reconsider and reframe things which I had been holding in a particular way that I now know are no longer useful for me. I felt as if they had known me for years and in a very short period of time I felt both seen and heard by them.  That feeling of being known by them allowed me to be more open and vulnerable in working through some of my relationship roadblocks.   end of the weekend as they were in the beginning. ~Laurel L. Lewis, MA, Hospice Nurse 
Melvin and Sherrie are real, engaging, insightful, and bring out the best in their loving and intentional facilitation, guiding each participant specifically towards individual breakthroughs and paradigm shifts opening us up to possibilities not considered before. For me, it was an intimate, fun and deeply valuable experience. ~Rahi Chun, MA, USM Student, Actor
I can't thank you enough for the clarity, distinctions and ability I now have in identifying what an authentic, loving relationship would look like for me. Equally important for me was to do this work with you two beautiful people. You both lead by example, displaying an interaction of respect, loving, differences, yet always being open to the other, and always working your own, individual processes.  This heart felt awareness I have today offers me a new type of freedom, one of a deeper self-value, and one of infinite possibilities. ~Robert Brenner, MA, Business Owner, NYC
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