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Relationship Training Progam (RTP) for Singles
The Allen Method

Most people have poor relationship role models and no one was taught relationship skills and tools in school or at home. Most people who are interested in a romantic relationship have only their family history, which has shaped their future for selecting mates. Most role models have failed us. Many singles want consciously loving relationships, but do not know how to obtain them.

Today's singles are unconscious about what it takes to have a successful relationship, and they lack the conscious tools and skills necessary to create and maintain a mutually satisfying romantic partnership.

Facts: Divorce it at an alarming rate of 50%. Think about it, would you buy a car if you knew it was only going to run fifty percent of the time? Yet, most people enter relationships with that statistic without much consideration for failure. And, while the success rate of co-habitation is higher, 67%, people are still choosing co-habitation over marriage for fear of failing at marriage. It is no accident that the marriage rate has decrease!

Currently, good communication in a romantic relationship is more valuable than good sex! We live in a world, expecting others to know what we want and need. However, what we offer is more about first loving and understanding yourself before you set out to love others. We say discover what your relationship values are since most people will leave a relationship before they compromise their values.

Consider this:

Having a list of relationship breakers isn't enough, anymore! You must first know what you require to be in a relationship with anyone!

If you are not competent in the area of choosing the best relationships for yourself then it is time to do something different!

If you don't know how to date it is time to learn how.

Why go to school for a career, but neglect obtaining tools and strategies for manifesting and maintaining a successful relationship?

The Allen Method guarantees you clarity and direction in the area of romantic relationships!

Learn the unconscious relationship patterns you inherited from your past, and discover your soul's uncompromising relationship requirements and how they are connected to your values. In the Relationship Training Program you will develop a conscious dating plan that will anchor you in the dating practice. You will also discover why all of your past relationships failed.

Take an assessment to discover your language of love.

Create a dating network that will be happy to support you on your quest.

Discover your dating traps and how to avoid them.

Find out what will make you leave your next relationship, and if you know what will make you leave, you can avoid the relationship altogether. Relationships require more than love! They require consciousness! We say that intimacy is more than physical it is about feeling validated and understood.

Before you even consider having a relationship, you want to be:

1. Healed mentally, spiritually, and emotionally of all past relationships.

2. Be aware of what you don't know about yourself (i.e. your relationship blind spots).

3. Committed to investing your time, money, and energy to do the work necessary for manifesting and maintaining a workable relationship.

4. Competent in the modern dating skills and tools.

5. Aware of your unconscious relationship requirements and family patterns, they have influenced your life.

6. Emotionally prepared for ongoing growth and development.

Are you ready to date again, but don't know how or where to start?

Slightly resigned and tired of failed relationships?

Lacking clarity and direction?


Take the Relationship Training Program (RTP)

and gain clarity and direction!

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